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Sum y: Dumbledore has ided to comply wi Lilys and James will. Harrys new guardian is Severus Snape. He helps Harry deal wi e night es at follow after e encounter wi Quirrell and Voldemort. Harry experiences a little regression and Snape helps him handle every ing. is community is for all my favorite harry snape mentor and Guardian figs. None of ese will be Snarry or Snape as Harry's biological fa er. If anyone has any recommendations of fics I should add please let me know! I'm always looking for more. I will also be adding more as I find em. 14,  · What if, instead of Hagrid giving Harry his letter, Snape is e one who gives it to him? What will Snape ink of Harry once he meets him and e Dursleys. Will his perception of e boy change, or stay e same. What will Harry ink of Snape when he meets him. Will Snape be e fa er figure Harry longed for, or will Snape be like e Dursleys?Reviews: 688. 11,  · Snape's First Words To Harry Have A Hidden Meaning. By Emma Lord. ember 11, . Look, I am not — nor will I ever be — TeamSnape, but even I am a little bit emotionally compromised by. Follow/Fav Harry's Guardian. By: He asked hesitantly, still not meeting Snape's eyes. Yes Harry, in our world it is known as accidental magic and it is a very normal ing to have happen to magical children. kitchen and study at occupied e first floor. en Severus led Harry up to e second floor. is will be your room Harry. Since at very first meeting between Snape and protagonist Harry Potter in e Philosopher’s Stone (1997), when Snape mocked Harrys fame and put him on e spot wi difficult questions, e readers had close to no reasons to like e potions master. 01,  · Harry Snape (left) and his bro er Alfred. Photograph: John Willmott/GuardianWitness Harry Norman Snape, born in 1893, was a prisoner of . 14,  · Harry was left to argue e couple’s case on his own, which was e first time all four senior royals had met face-to-face following e couple’s unexpected statement last Wednesday. Harry Potter belongs to J.K. Rowling. - Guardian Fics - Welcome to e Guardian category of Potions, Snitches and Unlikely Relations! ese stories are ones where Snape acts as a Guardian to Harry. I'm sure is list isn't perfect nor complete but it's e best I could do. [Snape en starts writing. Hermione looks at Harry and en starts writing. Harry looks at Snape, who turns slightly and en continues writing] (Normal Version) [Harry stares at Snape, knowing at he shows dislike for e boy. In e great hall, around midday. e students are all doing eir homework. Seamus is trying a spell on a cup.]. Harry's New Guardian (A Snape Mentor/Adopts Harry Fanfic) Book 1 Fanfiction. What if, instead of Hagrid giving Harry his letter, Snape is e one who gives it to him? What will Snape ink of Harry once he meets him and e Dursleys. Will his perception of e boy change, or stay e same. What will Harry ink of Snape wh. 31,  · What makes Snape so captivating is e continually evolving understanding at Harry and e audience have of e character. From at initial meeting where Harry’s scar hurts upon meeting Snape, we are working under e impression at he is, if not an evil character, someone whom does not have Harry’s best intentions at heart. Since e very beginning, we are familiar wi e hostility between Harry Potter and Professor Snape since eir first meeting. Already in his first year, Harry suspected at Professor Snape was trying to steal e Philosopher Stone. Al ough it was revealed at his suspicions were not justified, eir relationship did not improve, until e end. Dumbledore's Army (or D.A. for short) is a fictional student organisation in J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series at is founded by e main characters, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, to stand up against e regime of Hogts High Inquisitor Dolores Umbridge, as well as to learn practical Defence Against e Dark Arts.It was founded in e fif book, Harry Potter and e. Guardian Fics Mentor Fics Apprentice Fics Reverse Fics Little Ones (Babies!) Resorting Fics Snape Only Fics 5 Chocolate Frog Fics It's Harry's first meeting wi Snape's portrait and it is all he can do to remind himself at, after all, he was e one who had asked to have it made. PostDH some sentimentality, fun, and Snape as sarcastic as. 27,  · RELATED: Harry Potter: 5 Times Snape Was A Hero (& 5 Times He Was A Complete Villain) e big twist in Sorcerer’s Stone is at it was Snape trying to stop Squirrel from getting e stone. He tries to keep Quirrell’s hex on Harry during e Quidditch match from working even ough Harry inks it’s Snape trying to hex him at e time. Snape glanced down at e parchment he held, e only good ing Harry Potter ever made (in his opinion). e parchment sheet was obviously modeled on e auder's Map, it magically mapped who was sitting at which desk in a specific classroom. It is our intention to show at Severus Snape is also an unfit guardian for one Harry Potter, at he seeks only to use e boy for his own advantage, and Harry would be better off as a d of e Ministry. Harry shifted, wanting badly to shout at was a . During e 19 century London, Harry Potter falls down e chimney of e apo ecary of one Professor Severus Snape. bringing wi him dire inconveniences. But not every family is found in blood, and not every story follows e same pa. For Harry, Snape and Draco, e tru has never been harsher. A Severitus AU, one wi out magic. However not to be totally useless, Potions & Snitches has a Self-Harm ning tag for eir stories. Potion and Snitches is a Snape & Harry Gen archive (no HP/SS slash) at features stories where Snape is Harry's mentor, guardian or parent, to name a few. You could browse rough e stories ere to see if any ing sounds interesting. 17,  · Celine POVI'm in an empty alley, wi my wings away, crying. Crying for myself, Tabby and how lost I am. Bringing my knees up to my chest I feel Sparkie rub against my arms and give him a shaky smile. I'm okay boy, I shiver and hug my knees tighter. Tru is I'm far from okay.What happened to Malfoys broom anyway? It was for sure magic and someone was cursing his broom bu. Snape is hard on all e Gryffindors, true, but he's especially tough on Harry and his friends. It's pretty surprising, en, at Snape helps to save Harry's life and not end it. He performs charms to save Harry, not harm him, at e Quidditch game. Snape even steps up as a ref in an attempt to protect Harry. e Snape family lived in a neighborhood called Spinner’s End, one of e poorer areas of Cokewor. e Evans family, including dhters Lily and Petunia, lived in a more affluent area nearby, and Snape first met em when he was nine years old, almost instantly falling in love wi e magical Lily. 30,  · Snape has proven at he was wor y of Dumbledore's trust as often as he has proven Lily (Evans) Potter right about his cruel nature, as is evidenced in ese Harry Potter: Times Snape Was e Worst ( Times He Was A Hero). 20 e Worst: He Bullied Harry Every Day. 12,  · Here’s a fun fact at you not have realized: Professor Snape’s very first words to Harry Potter in Sorcerer’s Stone hinted at his love for Lily. In Harry’s first Potions class, Snape. When Snape first asks it to Harry it could be taken as a first hint at ere was more to e relationship between himself and Harry's mo er, Lily, as appears on e surface. Asphodel, a plant from e Lily Family, is associated in my ology wi regret and e dead. Wormwood is a . OutfitCeline POVOf course, I grit my tee at Dumbledore. I have to help Snape wi his class next period because I'm e only free teacher and don't have a class to attend. Why me?Ah, Severus, Dumbledore looks to behind me and I look to see Snape,Celine can help you next period. Why is it at he can't do it on his own if I ask? 26,  · On love, abuse and moving on: A feminist's affair wi Snape from 'Harry Potter' Snape was e tragic hero I loved until I saw him for who he was. Screenshot: Youtube. 15,  · RELATED: All e Patronuses Of e Harry Potter Characters. Now, we all know at Snape’s Patronus was a doe because he was still in love wi Lily Potter, whose Patronus was also a Doe. However, ere are plenty of interesting Patronus details JK Rowling and e producers of e Harry Potter films included at you have missed. Take. Snape Clues by David Haber. ese are e clues contained in e pages of Harry Pottter and e Half-Blood Prince which support e possibility at Snape is not really a Eater, has remained loyal to Dumbledore, and all rough e book, Snape is working on Dumbledore's Orders.. Since e book is virtually about Snape (it's titled Harry Potter and e Half-Blood Prince, which we know now. 14,  · Remember when Harry ought Snape was trying to kill him during Quidditch. Source: metro We sympa ised wi Harry for his lonely childhood and him meeting . 15 year old Harry Potter walked into a small pub a magic fake id and a few spells taking care of any issues wi his age. Sirius had died a week ago and Harry was meeting wi his usual drinking buddy Voldemort. Alright, V. Harry greeted e snake faced man as he sat at a table in e back. A few spells disguised e Dark lords looks. Harry.. 24,  · Hermione’s bluebell flames. is spell becomes one of Hermione’s trade ks. We don’t hear e incantation for it in Philosopher’s Stone, but it could be a variation on Incendio.. Hermione first uses it against Snape when she and Ron ink he is cursing Harry’s broom in his first Quidditch match. Severus Donndubhán Snape was born on uary 9, 1960 in a small town in Cokewor, Manchester called Spinner's End. He first revealed himself as a wizard at e age of two, Summoning a toy kneazle from across e room to his crib. 1 Family lineage 2 School Years 3 Serving e Dark Lord 4 Joining e Staff 5 e Prophecy 6 Flight to Godric's Hollow 7 Azkaban 8 Post-Azkaban 9 e Traitor. 14,  · Harry’s First Detention by kbinnz Sum y: AU one-shot about Harry’s first detention wi Snape. Take one mistreated boy, one misinformed man, mix well and watch what happens. Sequel now up! Titled Harry’s New Home . Harry’s New Home by kbinnz Sum y: One lonely little boy. One snarky, grumpy git. e meeting will be attended by e queen, Prince Charles and his son, Prince William, e Guardian reported. It will be e first time e entire group has met since Prince Harry and kle. Absolutely not. e problem wi Snape is at e man NEEDS someone to bully in order to make him feel more in control wi his life. It’s some ing he evidently learned from his own fa er Tobias who was abusive, ironically as Snape hated his mu. Snape held e shallow canister out for Harry. Five mon s, he replied casually, ough Harry could hear unease in it. Go on, Snape said to make him go first. Harry stood inside e hear and said, e Burrow, as he tossed e powder down. Many turns later, his feet slapped e hear at e Weasley's. In Professor Dumbledore's Pensieve memories, Harry finds out at Snape only escaped prosecution for being a Dea Eater irteen years prior because Dumbledore vouched for him. Dumbledore won't explain to Harry why he trusts Snape, saying only, [it is] a matter between Professor Snape .

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