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25,  · Only saw as deep as e job calls for. Sawing in a straight line will prevent many injuries in e process. You should make sure e pointer is aligned wi e saw blade when sawing concrete. First, draw e cutting lines on e concrete by using a chalk box. Saws should be maintained and kept clean from dust build-up. Workers using concrete and masonry saws should always ensure at ere are no gas or electric utility lines embedded wi in eir cutting zones. Saws pose kick-back, push-back and pull-in . ,  · Concrete safety toolbox talks - from use of tools to pumping. As wi any ing from WorkSafeBC - Good Stuff.Click links below for documents:Concrete - Bending OverConcrete - FormworkConcrete - Hand tools During ReinforcingConcrete - Pouring and PumpingConcrete - Reinforcing - OverexertionConcrete - Reinforcing - ReachingConcrete - Reinforcing - Shoulder . Saw cut concrete or asphalt wi handheld saw. Respirable Crystalline Silica. Use engineering and work practice control me ods for e equipment and task at follow 1926.1153, Table 1: Use of integrated water delivery system at continuously feeds water to e blade. is interrupted, stop cutting immediately. water safety switch will stop engine. • note: e safety switch cannot detect a clogged water line as it senses pressure, not flow. to start saw when cutting dry, or when e water is not under pressure. push in e reset button in e center of e water safety cut/off switch. 08,  · It is recommended to start saw cuts on or at e center of column lines. Joints shall be spaced at 24 to 36 times e slab ickness but is need to be confirmed by a structural engineer. Joint spacing normally ranges between to 18 feet depending on . Occupational Safety and Heal Administration (OSHA) heal and safety standards. Guide for Concrete Floor and Slab Construction ACI 302.1R-04 FOREWORD e quality of a concrete floor or slab is highly dependent on achieving a hard and durable surface at is flat, relatively free of cracks, and at e proper grade and elevation.Missing: Saw cutting. Core drilling and/or saw cutting concrete or asphalt (wet me od) following OSHA 1926.1153: HAZARDS. JOB STEP. HAZARDS. ACTIONS TO ELIMINATE OR MINIMIZE. EACH HAZARD. Set up machinery and work area. Risk of Injury to bystanders. Work area should be delineated off from un-au orized personnel and signs posted. Cutting Concrete Pipes – For is activity, some special safety procedures should be taken to prohibit e pipe from moving while cutting, specifically when a handheld saw is used. A hazard during pipe cutting can be counted to be e pressure from e increased flange at e pipe-end resulting in closing and pinching e saw blade, resulting. Chain Saws. Check Before you Move. Clo ing for Construction. Cold Chisels. Concrete Safety. Construction Accidents at Almost Happened. Safety During Concrete and Masonry Construction. Safety on a New Job Site. Save your Hands. Scaffolding. Screwdrivers. Serious Injuries. Shortcuts. Signs. Slips and Falls. In is video, we are cutting concrete wi a circular saw aka skil saw. e blade at I am using is a Bosch DB741C 7-Inch Premium Segmented Diamond Blade. Posted at :14h in Safety Manual, Safety Topics, Tailgate Safety, Tailgate Safety Meetings, Toolbox Talks. 0 Likes. Masonry and Concrete Saws Masonry saws are used to cut tiles, bricks, and blocks of stone, concrete, and o er materials. Concrete saws are used to cut channels or openings rough concrete blocks, slabs, and walls. Bo types of. Slab cutting can help you during demolition work as you cut large parts of concrete. But in doing is, you and your crew should put a premium on safety. Some concrete cutting machines can be handheld while o ers are floor mounted or operate on some framework. Each of ese has a set of guidelines for safety and efficiency. Safely operating concrete saws, no matter what ey are tipped wi, can make an enormous impact on e results at you and your team achieve while actively on e job site. Concrete sawing can be extremely dangerous. For at matter, any concrete working task carries risks wi it. PPE CLO ING GLOVES Cut-resistant. O ER n-95 rESPIRATOR. ¹JOB STEPS ²POTENTIAL HAZARDS ³CRITICAL ACTIONS TO MITIGATE HAZARDS Saw Cutting Asphalt: Set up Machine at work area (delineate as necessary) Saw cut concrete using wet me od (list footages) List ei er walk behind or widow maker style machines. 07,  · Always move e saw to e material, not e o er way around. Always add support to e wood which is being cut. Ensure at e saw is not damaged or vibrates to an unreasonable degree when in use. Avoid placing e saw blade deeper an ½ inch deeper an at of which you are cutting. Exposure to e blade is reduced by doing. When an object like a pipe is cut in half wi a single cut, ra er an being docked in small sections, e risk of kickback increases. e blade is more likely to trap if e object moves or sags while being cut. Figure 1 – Petrol powered concrete saw wi diamond blade. SAFETY ALERT. 29, 2008 · Cutting concrete wi in e first hour or two after e pour, e concrete still has quite a bit of moisture and dust levels are negligible. Independent testing has shown at personal exposure limits are below e level OSHA requires for respirators. Cutting concrete is a dangerous aspect of e concrete industry. saw. PPE requirements vary depending on operations being conducted, but could include safety glasses or goggles, tight-fitting gloves, ear plugs or muffs, a hard hat, safety boots, and arm and leg protection. Always set e chainsaw on e ground or o er stable surface when pulling e starter rope. and NEVER drop start a chainsaw. 07,  · Fine Cut is expanding! Recently we started a new division called Fine Cut Grinding and Polishing, LLC. Jamie Sisk has been added to e Fine Cut team and will be running e new division. Jamie brings over 13+ years of experience in e grinding and polishing. Most at risk are operators of hand-held concrete and masonry saws. is equipment is more prone to e violent forces unleashed when a saw blade jams inside a cut an from fixed saws. ese forces, commonly referred to as kick-back, push-back or pull-in, are difficult and sometimes impossible. OSHA Training Toolbox Talk: Working Safely Wi Chops Saws & Miter Saws [Reference 19.213 / 1926.300] Chop saws are typically pre-set to cut material at a 90 degree angle, whereas Miter saws can be adjusted to cut materials at various angles. But e hazards of using ei er type of saw . If you are looking for talks in Spanish or would like even more workplace safety resources, check out our Members Area! ere are over 130+ additional toolbox talks for members as well as our ebook, safety meeetings, safety PowerPoint presentations, 70 Spanish safety talks, and more is added every mon!Save time and money from having to create your own resources and instead use at time to Missing: Saw cutting. CC6566 - CC6566-3 Concrete Saw Manual Safety Precautions Operate e CC6566 Concrete Saw and CC6566-3 Concrete Saw and all of eir components according to is manual. Failure to comply wi and understand e following safety, operations, and maintenance instructions can result in serious injuries and/or dea. All operators must be. Fortunately, technology has provided specialized saws and core drills at make cutting into concrete a relatively simple and routine task. But as any safety professional will tell you, any ing at becomes routine can easily become very dangerous, if workers become complacent about e proper safety . Reopen e water valve, if necessary. Before beginning e first cut wi e saw, double check to make sure enough water is flowing rough to e saw. Safety Tips For Concrete Sawing and Cutting. Slowly bring e blade down, allowing e blade to cut its own way down. Once you have reached e dep you want, cut as quickly as you can wi out. e saw is available for ren is video shows how to properly use an ICS Concrete Cutting chain saw and how to get e most cutting out of e diamond chain. Walk-Behind Saws Using a walk-behind saw to cut masonry, concrete, stone, or o er silica-containing materials can generate respirable crystalline silica dust. When inhaled, e small particles of silica can irreversibly damage e lungs. is fact sheet describes dust controls at can be used to minimize e amount of dust at gets into e air. e Fact Sheet addresses best practices for reducing exposure to airborne silica during concrete cutting, coring, drilling, quarrying and brick/block operations. (ober 2007). CSDA Best Practices for Sawing and Drilling Operations: Scaffold Safety Fact Sheet (PDF), Spanish (PDF). 15 Amp 12. Corded Portable Concrete Saw No liquid fuels or lubricants are needed No liquid fuels or lubricants are needed for is 12. Disc Cutter to saw rough brick, stone, pavers, block, ceramics, even concrete wi rebar, drywall and o er masonry. Cut up to 4. deep wi e included diamond blade at spins up to 5000 RPM courtesy of a generous 15 Amp high-torque motor. which occupational heal and safety duties apply to construction work. specific hazards in concrete cutting and drilling, including inverted cutting, dust and gases, vibration, hazardous manual handling, working at heights, electricity damage to structures and services, losing vacuum pressure, working alone and getting cht in equipment. Durling Concrete Sawing has specialized in concrete sawing and demolition, serving e greater Nor bay Area since 1985. We offer electric sawing, hydraulic sawing, wall sawing, flat sawing, core drilling, bobcat and jackhammer demolition, off haul, and much more. Contact Us! License 544626 (707)763-9988 (707) 568-0864 fax [email protected] 15, 20  · Concrete cutting produces dust which can contain silica, a harmful compound when exposed in air. To keep employees safe on e jobsite, follow . Concrete Coring and Cutting Safety and Training. Event Calendar. Request Certificate of Insurance. CCG Heal & Safety Plan MSDS. Our Vendors. Meetings and Training Calendar. Meeting and Training Calendar. Agenda Agenda Day Mon Week . ere are no upcoming events to display at is time. . Wear Safety Equipment. When using power tools, wearing e appropriate safety equipment should be considered mandatory. e woodworker should always wear safety glasses and hearing protection, but appropriate clo ing should also be considered. Loose fitting clo ing, neckties, and jewelry are all hazards to avoid when using a table saw. dto SHC14S 14-Inch Supreme Diamond Turbo Segmented Saw Blade for Hard Concrete, Reinforced Concrete, Hard Paver Brick, 1-Inch Arbor, Wet or Dry Cutting, 5460 Max. RPM, 12mm .472) segment height 5.0 out of 5 stars 2. Here is e definitive list of concrete saw cutting companies near your location as rated by your neighborhood community. Want to see who made e cut? A note to . GENERAL CAUTIONS FOR USING HAND-HELD CONCRETE CUTTING SAWS ALWAYS follow e designer’s recommendations for e safe use of e saw. ONLY use correct blade size, as recommended by e saw manufacturer. NEVER use e saw wi e guards removed. Do NOT hold hand-held concrete cutting saws any higher an shoulder height. Concrete Sawing & Drilling Association Tel: 727-577-5004. TST 140-B Wall Sawing Safety Wall sawing is one of e most challenging and dangerous me ods of concrete cutting. It is e responsibility of bo e owner and operator to maintain a safe working saw. Sawing openings. 02,  · Whe er sawing contraction joints, custom cutting orative pavers, or making precision cuts in existing concrete, a top-quality saw blade is mandatory. Diamond saw blades offer distinct advantages over abrasive wheels when it comes to making clean, professional cuts in concrete. Nuts & Bolts – Typical Components of Diamond Blades. Apr 01,  · Many people disdain e 7-1/4-inch circular saw. ey say at it’s only good for cutting lumber for house framing or concrete forms. While e saw . 6. Jab Saw wi Rubber Handle e Wal-Board Tools 6. Drywall Utility e Wal-Board Tools 6. Drywall Utility Saw is designed to cut drywall, wood, plywood and more. It features a tempered-steel blade for streng and comes wi a soft-grip handle for comfort and control during use. Always wear safety glasses, safety footwear, snug fitting clo ing, hearing and head protection, and respiratory equipment where required. DON’TS. Don’t cut dry except wi a blade specifically designated for dry cutting by e manufacturer. Don’t exceed e maximum operating speed established for e diamond blade. Don’t operate a saw.

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