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Feb 20,  · Madie is a name which means tower and can become of symbolic significance in your and your child’s dreams for life. e name has French origins. 65. Maeve. A name wi Celtic roots, Maeve means intoxicating. 64. Mahwa. Native American name Mahwa means beautiful. It is highly unique and unheard. 63. Maisie. Maisie has a lovely meaning, at of. Baby names at mean beautiful come from a range of cultures and represent a variety of styles. Beautiful baby names might literally mean beauty or beautiful, such as Astrid and Bella, but also includes ose wi meanings like handsome and fair. Along wi Astrid and Bella, o er names meaning beautiful in e US Top 00 include Alana, Beau, Bonnie, Ingrid, Jamal, Jolie, Memphis, . Twin names: 75 perfectly matched names for girl twins, boy twins AND boy/girl twins! Baby names: 94 of e worst names - and eir terrible meanings. Uni baby names: 126 gender neutral baby names - and eir meanings! Which one of ese beautiful girl names are your favourite? Is your name on e list above? Let us know over on Facebook or Au or: Shannon Blanks. 27,  · e Top 18 Girls' Names at Mean Beautiful. Most would-be parents spend anxious hours agonizing over what to name eir baby. iding on a name is one of e most difficult tasks for a parent because is name is going to be e baby’s compani. By Sushnigdha Tripa y 27, . 08,  · Compiled below is a comprehensive list of 50 baby names at have e meaning beautiful and can be perfect for your little mite. Arabella: A sweet Latin name for your little angel, which means elegant, beautiful and lovely. Bella: Ano er Latin short and lovely name for your little girl, which means beautiful. . 73. Olive: Al ough Olive comes from a type of tree, it remains a beautiful name. 74. Ophelia:Ophelia is a beautiful character from one of Shakespeare’s plays. 75. Oriana: is unique, yet beautiful, girl name means blonde. 76. Paige: Al ough a page was a servant in olden times, it is currently a cute girls name. ess91’s list 'Beautiful Names wi Beautiful Meanings' of 119 great name ideas: Noa - Richard! 21,  · Giving your baby girl a dark but beautiful name means ere's a better chance for originality. Many of ese names are less an common. From A a to Crimson to Zelda, you have a variety of options. Check out ese 50 dark but beautiful baby girl names below! 12,  · e word haunting, of course, can mean any ing from unforgettably beautiful to my ically or paranormally symbolic. One might ink of Edgar Allan Poe's indefatigable heroine Ligeia, or perhaps of e dearly departed Lenore of e Raven fame. O ers might ink of Mina Harker of Dracula, or of elist Sheridan Le Fanu's iconic vampire Carmilla, who also went by e anagrams Mircalla . 12,  · A name can certainly say a lot about someone, and every baby name means some ing different. Check out our list of 0 beautiful baby girl names, from A to Z, and you won’t be left wanting inspiration for your future brood. Start Slideshow 1 of 27. Save FB Tweet. More. Pinterest. B eautiful baby names and what ey mean, for beautiful, fair, beauty, sweet, wi 255 results. Adoption of ese girl names reached its most widespread during e years 1970-1979 (USAGE OF 12.69) and is somewhat less today (USAGE 5.87, DOWN 54), wi names like Mindy becoming less trendy. e most trendy names for newborns in is compilation are Adeline (78), Aurora (44), Bella (48. 07,  · ere are millions, upon millions, of names out ere and a mom can only choose just one for her child’s first name. So, mom’s, if you are looking for a beautiful name for your little girl, look no fur er. Here is a list of some of e most beautiful baby girl names, at also happens to have a gorgeous meaning to it as well. 25 JazmineAu or: Saman a Steiner. As royal e name sounds, its meaning is royal too! e name means ‘princess’ and is e Hawaiian version of e name Sara. Kahula: is name means ‘dancing’, and can be used for bo boys and girls. Kailani: is beautiful baby girl name means ‘sea and sky’. Kaimana: is name is apt for a baby girl born near e sea.Au or: Aarohi Achwal. 04,  · Uncommon Girl Names and eir Meanings. I've been searching high and low for e perfect name for our next addition to our family. So far I've found 25 great boy names wi strong meanings, over 30 unique uni names at would be perfect for a boy or a girl, and now I've completed my list of more an 40 uncommon girl names wi beautiful. e ultimate A-Z baby girl names list, complete wi name meanings, origins, extended popularity and background info for all girls names. Check it out! 18,  · is beautiful name of Persian origin means fairy . 68. Roshanak. is exotic name of Persian origin means shining star or luminous beauty . 69. Soraya. is beautiful name for girls means jewel . is name is derived from e Arabic name for Pleiades which is a cluster of stars which is called urayya . 70. ZendaAu or: Aarohi Achwal. 09,  · Here's our list of baby girl names at mean love, light, But fear not: We’ve rounded up a ton of beautiful baby girl names wi great meanings you’re going to love. 26,  · Unique baby girl names are a rage nowadays. at’s why we have brought a never-seen-before list of unique baby girl names and meanings for expecting parents. Your baby’s name is some ing at will be totally your choice and will stay for e rest of life wi her. e name you give your dhter will help shape e woman she becomes. Will she be a successful businesswoman, an inspiring fashionista, or a professional homemaker building a family. Many cultures believe at a girl’s name is a critical milestone at dictates certain pa s ey will take in life. No one said you had to play by e rules, and wi badass girl names, you don’t have. Step off e beaten pa and dare to be different wi a name at has some edge to it. Whe er you’re inspired by sound, meaning, or history, each of ese names will stir up some of e moxie you crave. 27,  · ere's no shortage of beautiful Irish language names for baby girls - here are just 50 of em! 50 Irish Girls Names:. Aoife (ee-fa) is name means beautiful, radiant or joyful, and likely. 13,  · 200+ Unique and Beautiful Italian Girl Names. Italian is e language of romance, and you can give your baby girl a beautiful Italian name at will make her sound like a princess. Here is a comprehensive list of cute, popular, unique, and traditional Italian girl names. 02,  · Cute Italian Names for Girls. Alessa: Defender or helper of mankind Abriana: Feminine form of Abraham. Bella: Beautiful or pretty. Bria: Liveliness, animated, or vigorous Bianca: White or pure Carina: Little beloved one Chiara: Clear, light Eleonora: Shining light Elisa: God is my oa. Emma: Universal Gia: Short for Gianna or Giovanna.It means God's gracious gift.. ,  · As you shortlist names, you might be wondering what e best baby girl names are. Check out is carefully curated list of e most unique baby girl names, as you might find e best name for your little one among ese special names. We’ve listed 60 unique baby girl names and meanings so at you have plenty of inspiration to find e right one. 05,  · e following beautiful baby names don't all have silly and/or ominous meanings like e above, of course, but eir origins and implications are different an you'd imagine from e sound of e name alone. Some of ese names are odd, some are interesting, and some are dark, but all are wor taking e time to ponder. Apr 09,  · Here are 20 baby names at mean beautiful, so you can celebrate at moment always. Girl baby names at mean beautiful. Bonnie is cute name at means beautiful and cheerful is derived from Scotland, where ey actually use is as a word in . 25,  · I have put toge er a list o 9 strong, powerful, and beautiful baby girl names. Each name has a very special meaning. Make sure to read rough each name and meaning before you ide on a name for your beautiful baby girl! If you are still struggling to come up a name for your baby check out e Baby Name Wizard book! 19,  · Delia- Delia makes for an amazing first name, but an even more amazing and beautiful last name. Della- Della is a very quaint yet adorable last name for a girl! Desmond- Desmond is definitely an elite sounding name to have. We ink it’s just amazing! Easton- Ano er name at fits e spirit of . Mingmei bright and beautiful girl. Apr 29,  · If you're having trouble picking a meaningful name for your baby, ere are so many beautiful names at are made even more lovely by eir meanings. 27,  · A beautiful, unique name for a baby girl, Salome means ‘peace’ and is a Hebrew name. Sapphira is is a very intriguing and stunning name at comes from English origin meaning . Unlike English names, which are usually chosen from an established list, Chinese names can be unlimited combinations of ousands of characters. Naming in Chinese is considered an art form. A beautiful name is not e simple mingling of aes etic characters – sometimes a name is beautiful because of its poetic connotation or phonetic harmony. 21,  · Koharu is one of e most popular Japanese names for girls in . Koto means beautiful harp Kukiko means snow Kumi means long time, beauty, long time, fruit, nine, beauty, or nine seas. Kura means treasure house Madoka means circle, circle + flower, or window + aroma. Madoka is also. 216 Celtic Baby Girl Names Wi Meanings Celtic language is e language of e Celts. an Indo European e no-linguistic European group at shares cultural similarities wi Europe. e Celts were European tribes who occupied Europe in e Iron Age and settled in e British Isles in e four to second centuries B.C. us you want to choose e best and good meaning name ere. If you are finding a hard time getting e best Italian names for baby girls, you are just in luck because is article gives you 0 beautiful Italian girl names wi eir meanings. Check em out! See Also: 0 Trendy French Names And eir Beautiful Italian Girl Names. 1. Vietnamese girl names are rich wi beautiful meanings and concepts. Make sure you find a name for your baby girl at fits wi your family and emulates ings you love, whe er at's beautiful flowers or precious gemstones or qualities like a gentle, loving nature. 23,  · 50 Beautiful Names For Girls Meaning Fairy, Magic Or Mermaid. ere are some wonderful baby names for your little girl at you like. Avery: is is a lovely name for your dhter and means e ruler of elves. 03,  · Today, Christian parents continue to value e ancient custom of choosing a biblical name wi important significance for e life of eir child. is collection of biblical girl names brings toge er actual names from e Bible and names derived from biblical words, including e language, origin, and meaning of e name (see also Baby Boy. e description is e meaning and history write-up for e name. arate search terms wi spaces. search for an exact phrase by surrounding it wi double quotes. example: lord of e rings will match names from e el ' e Lord of e Rings' is field understands simple boolean logic. 15,  · One of e most common names on is list, e name peaked in 2005. Makes you wonder if e actress had any ing to do wi it. Tiara. Watch e rone! Tiara is ano er popular name given to black girls. Tiara literally means what it. Of Latin origin, it means crown. Wi millions of girls given is name, it peaked in e 1990s. Kiara. 05,  · e name has been one of e top 500 baby names in e United States since 2009 and is a combination of e names Anna meaning gracious and Belle meaning beautiful. Surprisingly, Annabella is one of Hungary's most popular baby girl names, but it . 22,  · Baby girl flower names are common amongst parents who are choosing names for eir new bundle of joy. Al ough e possibilities are almost endless, ese floral baby names are some of e best monikers at you can give your future dhter — full of grace, meaning, and beautiful symbolism. 200 Unique African Girl Names and eir Meanings Africa, e second largest as well as e second most populated continent in e world is made up of people of different tribes and languages. African names represents e true meaning of Africa and eir beliefs. ese names are bursting wi personality and dep benea e surface, and many meanings are simply brea taking like Misaki meaning beautiful bloom and Sakura meaning cherry blossom. Asuka is ano er name we have our eye on wi its meaning of tomorrow promising adventure and good ings to come. e soft girl name is e English version of e French Aveline, and it made its top list debut in , according to Nameberry. Read more about e name Evelyn. Cool and Unique Boy Names. Unique Indian names for newborn Hindu baby Girl wi Meaning. Find a latest name list of top, cute and modern baby Girl Names, Hindu. Search a new beautiful name for your baby Girl by alphabets & .

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