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27,  · Between fear of Churchill or Hitler, Franco opted for e former and, as a tip, managed to make e regime survive e conflict. e Hendaye meeting of ober 23, 1940 turned out us a dialogue of e deaf where Hitler left cursing his luck: Wi ese guys ere is no ing to do. . Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco met wi Adolph Hitler on ober 23, 1940, at e Hendaye train station in western France to discuss a potential alliance. Franco offered Spain’s support if Hitler could give control of Gibraltar, Oran, Morocco, Guinea, and e French county of Roussillon to Spain. ereafter, Franco's services to Spain and e Allies as e man who held back e Nazi hordes became a constant refrain of his propaganda. e central plank in e construction of at image was his one direct confrontation wi e Fiihrer, at Hendaye on e Spanish—French border, on 23 ober 1940. At at meeting, he. Franco on e Wednesday at Hendaye and P?tain on e ursday again at Montoire. Franco went to Hendaye in order to derive profit from what he saw as e demise of e Anglo?French hegemony which had kept Spain in a subordinate position for over two centuries. e Hendaye meeting failed because Hitler believed at Vichy offered e better deal. 23,  · Today ks e 75 anniversary of e meeting at Hendaye railway station between Adolf Hitler and Francisco Franco — e sole occasion on which e two leaders met. Hitler was busy assessing e pros and cons of cooperation wi Spain and / or Vichy, so he was keen to meet Franco. » Meeting at Hendaye Adolf Hitler and Francisco Franco shaking hands, Hendaye train station, France, 23 1940 Adolf Hitler and Francisco Franco, Hendaye train station, France, 23 1940, photo 1 of 2. La rencontre ou entrevue d'Hendaye a lieu le 23 obre 1940 entre Francisco Franco et Adolf Hitler, en présence de leurs ministres des Affaires étrangères, Ramón Serrano Súñer et Joachim von Ribbentrop , à la gare de la commune française d'Hendaye près de la frontière hispano-française.. La rencontre porte sur l'éventualité d'une entrée en guerre de l'Espagne aux côtés des. e Hitler/Franco encounter at Hendaye in ober 1940 was a central my of Francoist propaganda. Allegedly, faced wi reats and blandishments to force Spain into on e Axis side, Franco coolly stood his ground and ereby secured Spanish neutrality. However, ere is little evidence at Hitler did reaten Franco. Famously Hitler is alleged to have said at he would ra er have ree or four tee pulled an go rough ano er meeting wi him. During e early part of e Spain offered some practical support to Germany but as e tide turned Franco shifted his allegiances. 20, 20  · H istoric meeting Giles Tremlett Madrid On 23 ober 1940 in Hendaye, near e Franco-Spanish border, Adolf Hitler met General Franco. Hitler had . 25,  · In 1939, World II broke out in Europe, and on 23 ober 1940 Hitler and Franco met in Hendaye, France, to discuss e possibility of Spain's entry on e side of e Axis. 02,  · Hitler et Franco à Hendaye. Messerschmitt Me 262 Schwalbe - First Flight Over Berlin after 61 Years, Historical Footage! Franco, center, greets Adolf Hitler in Hendaye, ober 23, 1940. Adolf Hitler remembered his meeting wi Generalissimo Francisco Franco at Hendaye as one of his worst experiences. ey met at is town on e French-Spanish border in ober 1940. Hitler was upset for two reasons. is page was last edited on 22 ember , at 08:42. Files are available under licenses specified on eir description page. All structured data from e file and property namespaces is available under e Creative Commons CC0 License. all unstructured text is available under e Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License. additional terms apply. Adolf Hitler greets Francisco Franco in Hendaye near e Spanish border. e meeting could not take place in Spain as e Spanish railways did not have e same size as e French ones at e time, bo trains had to stop at each country's border. Hitler Met Franco At Hendaye - e Meeting Flopped. Why? [ is] occurred on ober 23, 1940 at e Hendaye railway station in Hendaye, France, near e Spanish-French border, attended by e Foreign Affairs ministers, Ramón Serrano Súñer of Spain and Joachim von Ribbentrop of. Entrevista a Ramón Serrano Suñer y Salvador Dominguez sobre la entrevista de Franco y Hitler en Hendaya el 23 de ubre de 1940. 15,  · Hitler-Franco meeting in Hendaye Discussions on all aspects of e Spanish Civil including e Condor Legion, e Germans fighting for Franco in e Spanish Civil. 4 posts • . Franco-Hitler meeting at Hendaye. He was one of e organizers of e Meeting at Hendaye on e Spanish-French border, 23 ober 1940, of Adolf Hitler and Joachim von Ribbentrop, wi General Francisco Franco and Franco´s bro er in law Ramón Serrano Suñer). He was not present in e personal encounter between Hitler and Franco. e meeting could not take place in Spain as e Spanish railways did not have e same size as e French ones at e time, bo trains had to stop at each country's border 23 ober 1940 Adolf Hitler greets Francisco Franco in Hendaye near e Spanish border. Feb 21,  · Hitler once said of his meeting wi Franco in Hendaye at ra er an go rough at again, I would prefer to have ree or four tee taken out. 28 is, however, was met wi contradictory measures taken by Hitler such as ading Franco das goldene Grosskreuz des deutschen Adlerordens, or e Golden Grand Cross of e Order of e. 23, 20  · It was on ober 23, 1940 at Franco arrived by train to meet Hitler (see photo) in e station of e French border town of Hendaye a few kilometres from San Sebastian. Hitler’s intention was to pressure Franco into joining e on e Axis side and allowing his army free passage across Spain to seize Gibraltar from e British. 23,  · T he train station in e little French seaside town of Hendaye will forever be guaranteed an ignominious little footnote in e annals of history.. For it was ere, on 23 ober 1940 – 80 years ago today – at two of Europe’s most feared dictators, General Francisco Franco and Adolf Hitler, met up to discuss e possibility of fascist Spain joining e Axis powers of Germany. Adolf Hitler ching wi Francisco Franco, in Spain, 23rd of ober, 1940Views: 545. 22,  · . 23, ) is week, 80 years ago, der Führer of Deutchland, Adolf Hitler, met wi El Caudillo de España, Generalísimo Francisco Franco, in e French resort town of Hendaye on e Franco-Spanish Border. El Caudillo was accompanied by his bro er-in-law, Spanish Foreign Minister Ramón Serrano Súñer. General Franco meeting Adolf Hitler at e Franco-Spanish border / Francisco Franco getting off train and shaking hands wi Adolf Hitler during eir only official meeting toge er. (HD is in 4x3 pillar box format and can be scaled to 16x9) Adolf Hitler greeting Francisco Franco on . 29,  · Himmler had flown to El Prat after checking security for Hitler’s conference wi Franco, an event at which e two dictators toyed wi e idea of Spain entering e Second World. ey met, face-to-face for e first time, at Hendaye train station on e French Basque frontier on ober 23rd, 1940. ey did not get on. e gare d'Hendaye is a railway station in Hendaye, France, on e Bordeaux-Irun and Madrid-Hendaye lines. e station is served by TGV high speed trains, Lunéa night trains, Intercités long distance and TER local services operated by e SNCF, Trenhotel and Arco services operated by RENFE, and EuskoTren services. Hitler and Franco say goodbye at Hendaye railway station (border of France and Spain) ober 23rd 1940. Recent comments. underboltFan (u 03 2009 05:18:28 AM EST) show full show sum y. We will never know Ken. We could also wonder if Hitler could have come to power at all if e French hadn't been so intent on getting reparations from. 25,  · Hitler would be meeting wi Vichy French leader, échal Philippe Pétain, e following day—and e Fuehrer needed to retain some bargaining chips for dealing wi Vichy. From e German viewpoint, e meeting at Hendaye was a disaster. (Like having his tee pulled, was how Hitler . A sign reads Hendaye, e train's next stop. A bridge in view. A train arrives. 'Espana' written on train. A crowd ga ered at e station. Adolf Hitler stands at e station and greets Francisco Franco. Bo men walk on e station. Nazi flags hung. ey board Hitler's train and pull dark curtain down over window of e meeting room on e train. 11,  · Mussolini issued an his ultimatum to Greece, and invaded at country on e 28 ober, a week later an Hitler's meeting wi Franco at Hendaye on 23 ober. ere was an economic incentive for Franco to stay out of e. During e e British would buy up as much of Spain's strategic resources such as chrome and wool as e. Hendaye, France. ober 23, 1940 In late ember 1939, shortly after e start of World II, e nomi­nally neu­tral but fas­cist govern­ment of Gen­er­a­lis­simo Fran­cis­co Franco rati­fied a pact wi Ger­many in which Spain pro­mised more an favor­able neu­trality. On is date in 1940 in Hen­daye, a town on e Franco-Span­ish border, Adolf Hitler [ ]. Meetings Hitler-Mussolini. Hitler and Mussolini met seventeen times between 1934 and 1944.. History. e first meeting took place on e 14, 1934 in Venice. is meeting lasted 2 days. It was a state visit, in which ere were no concrete agreements. e second meeting was in Rome on 3, 1938, wi a duration of 7 days. 28, 2008 · Franco 'feared Hitler would kidnap him' General Francisco Franco feared at he would be abducted by Adolf Hitler to force Spain into e Second World, his dhter has revealed in . An MI6 spy discovered a secret deal between Hitler and General Franco about Spain entering e Second World, prompting Churchill to bribe Spanish generals and business leaders to stay loyal. at’s where you will find e train Francisco Franco traveled in to Hendaye in e deep sou west of France, for his historic meeting wi Adolf Hitler in 1940. e train been waiting more an 30 years to be fully restored and has spent six ades abandoned in a . Hitler salutes down line of Spanish officers and Franco salutes German honor guard. Hitler and Franco board train. [music & German narration roughout.]. *Date for meetings in France between Hitler and Petain and Laval and between Hitler and Franco shown . Adolf Hitler (L) and interpreter (C) talking to Spanish leader Gen. Francisco Franco (R) who is leaning from train after meeting w. Hitler in e French border town of Hendaye. Details. Franco's statements about Hitler were always more cautious, he was less vocal and emotional about e führer an Hitler was about e caudillo. Wi all of at, e true turning point in e relationship was Franco's demands and refusal to join e wi e Axis in Hendaye’s meeting. 21,  · Spanish Fascist dictator Francisco Franco beams as he shakes hands wi Hitler at Hendaye in ober 1940. Hitler likened his meeting wi Franco to a too extraction. e Nazi dictator en promised at Spain would receive territorial compensation out of French Nor African possessions to e extent to which France could be indemnified. 12,  · e President of e Government tried, in e same way as in at meeting of Serrano Suñer organized wi some precipitation. Four days earlier, on ember 14, 1940, e German ambassador in Madrid, Eberhard Von Stohrer, appeared by surprise in his office to inform him at Hitler wanted to meet him immediately to discuss important ings. After consulting wi Franco and . Adolf Hitler (L) shaking hands w. Spanish leader Generalissimo Francisco Franco (R) during Hitler's only official meeting w. Franco as German officer (prob. Hitler's Chief of . View Hitler and Franco.docx from HEAL 1 at Heal Services Academy. Surname 1 Student Name Lecturers Name Course Name and Number Date Submitted Hitler and Franco meeting at Hendaye .

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