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, 2006 · I'm dating is guy who I've been friends wi for awhile. I ought I was terribly shy and inexperienced when it came to relationships, but is guy takes e cake. We started talking about becoming a couple 2 mon s ago and just recently started dating. e problem is he gets extremely nervous if I get too close to him (o er an a hug). He's taking me on a vacation (just e two of us. Apr 21, 2008 · So I have been working in e mall for 1 year and ever since I have started working ere, I have seen is guy who works at e Vans store and I always ought he was very cute and so polite. He always comes to my job and orders lemonade. I have wanted to give him my number but yhe only problem is he is VERY shy. I am shy too especially when it comes to guys. 05, 2008 · You should kiss him. When you kiss him en pull back and study his expression. Most likely he'll be surprised. If he kissed you back en it means he . 27,  · I would as long as ey can express eir feelings for you properly. I am dating a guy right now who is so shy at he has trouble telling me how he really feels. If you're shy, don't be too shy and you're good. sometimes disclosing all of your oughts will make a girl feel confused or unwanted. 18,  · anyone who has dated one, can you tell me what im in for? should i stick to dating e usual guys i date (normal ones) its just some ing about e shy nerdy type of guys im attracted too, he is not a s t type of nerd ough, he is more of a playstation, chill at home, read book and sci fi type of nerd. He also is independend and does not talk to alot of people which can be interpereted as. 24,  · When a person is friendly ey usually are engaged, interested in e o er person and generous wi compliments. So, even if you are shy you can still show your interest in your date by asking. Dating a shy guy yahoo answers - Rich woman looking for older woman & younger man. I'm laid back and get along wi everyone. Looking for an old soul like myself. I'm a lady. My interests include staying up late and taking naps. How to get a good woman. 29,  · How can I date a shy guy? He doesnt ask me out? Answer Save. 4 Answers. Relevance. Join Yahoo Answers and get 0 points today. Join. Trending questions. Trending questions. Please need answers! Talking to a guy for 6 mon s only rough Phone calls,FaceTime, and text long distance and he tells me he loves me?. 21, 20  · I'm a shy woman dating a guy at e moment and he is also shy. Actually we've just been on one date but chat a lot. He has just said to me, at we're bo shy, at I'm actually shier an he is and at sometimes I'm quiet. He says at he could see it in me on our first date. He said it is no problem as he understands me perfectly. I told him, ere's ano er side to me, at I'm not shy. 14,  · And if you DO get a date wi him, don't invest your heart in it. Relationships are E hardest ing we will EVER do in life, and require a great deal of emotional courage to make em last. And shy people are shy because ey lack emotional courage, so . 27, 20  · Shy guys rarely make e first move so u can ei er wait for him to do it(which might take a really long time) or u can approach him. Most girls don't approach guys because ey feel at it's a man's responsibility to make e first move, a lot of guys ink at's unfair but at's kind of e way it. , 2006 · Okay, ere is is guy and he has liked me for about a year now, and i found out about 4 mon s ago. Ever since i found out we have been talking alot, and i now like him alot, i keep giving him signs at i have feelings for him but, i cant tell if he still has feelings for me. He is extremly shy, but everyone at knows him and knows me say at he really likes me. 26, 2008 · e good news is, shy guys don't get a lot of attention from girls so when a girl does talk to em, ey love it. Keep it simple and superficial at first. Remember at shy guys often have poorly-developed interpersonal communication skills so you will have to help him, but he should be wor it. 12, 2008 · if he is shy around but it seems he is trying to impress you it is likely he likes u. if he just ignores every word u say he don't like u! people can b very outgoing and loud, but if ey are around someone at ey really like, ey try to hide emselves away to . 04, 2009 · Being Yahoo Answers resident shy guy, I can help you wi it. If I like a girl, I can not keep eye contact wi em, because shy guys for some unexplained reason have what amounts to a over sensitive gag reflex, but it's wi blushing instead. 06, 2007 · is often works ough because you get used to e guy being around you and ey work eir charm and progress in getting you interested until finally ey work up e nerve to ask you an all important question. Shy quiet types, ones at have been badly hurt, and ose romantic ones who feel deeply usually use is aloof tactic. 20,  · What are some signs a shy guy is jealous? I ran into one of my guy friends and he said hi to me. I said hi back and e guy at I ink likes me looked over at him en to me en back at my guy friend wi a not so happy facial expression. Feb 13, 20  · i really like a guy,but i dunno whe er he likes me or not,which i want to know.he behaves like a senior to me always shows his seniority to me,scolds me[not harshly but i like him t way],i ink he knows t i like him because rest of my colleagues tease him wi my name and to my surprise he smiles also which makes me feel confused about him wha er he likes me or . 12, 20  · Of course, e talkative guy could easily help e girl get over her shyness and at would work out pretty good! However, most talkative guys want talkative girls, and at is e only problem, but ere are talkative guys at would like to date a shy girl! 25, 2008 · ok so i liked him before and i stopped and now i like him again he is super cute and he has a nice body he is sweet but he is so shy and at makes me mad and he smiles alot and like sometimes when we look at him o some in he will smile but he is so shy and won't talk but sometimes he does so how can i tell if he likes me o not? p.s. his mom doesn't want him to date o hav a gf and . Apr 13,  · Ive dated is one boy, and I REALLY liked him. He ended up being an EXTREME jerk. Like, 1-, a . We broke upp and got back toge er so many times. And I REALLY loved him. And now, when I'm talking to a really nice, genuine guy, it feels so weird. Why is at? Feb 23, 2008 · I'm pretty shy myself so hopefully I can give a good answer. Trust me, when you're a shy guy you are rilled at someone else is taking e initiative. You need to block your romantic notions out of your mind and just try to approach him like you would any friend. Feb 01,  · Shy girls also do not like a lot of attention. So, if you like her be subtle. but, also be s t. Shy people are typically very intelligent. So, what I had a guy do (because I am crazy shy) is at I wrote down my number on a sheet of paper and cut up e sheet so at each number was on a . 30, 2009 · Expect someone generally shy.. and be a bit slow not at ey won't like you just at ey're really unsure of emselves, even if god knows ey have no reason too be. I'm a cancer, Liked a cancer guy.. it didn't work out (we were just too young) he was very nice, sweet, oughtful but he was just not very umm. 17,  · i know at eir is is guy who looks at me from afar but he seems terrified when we are face to face wi each o er and seems to get very tense and looks like he is choking or some ing..his eyes dont meet mine he tries to avoid my eyes but from afar he stares..Please explain to me what is means andd what o er typicall signs shy guy secretly show at he likes you. ank you. Feb 23, 2008 · well truly i am very shy too. sometimes i wish i could just be outgoing like ose o er girls. but i just can't. i am very outgoing wi and around my guy friends but not e ones i like as more en friends. what i suggest is just becoming friends wi a guy you like first find out what he likes to do and en see if he likes you. if you and him get to know each o er better en he will. 07,  · ere is a new guy at my school, he seems extremely nice and friendly but i ink he is really shy is ere any ing a girl can do to make a shy person feel more comfortable, or how to make em lh (not at ey would have a different sense of humor an any o er person lol but still) i would really like to get to know him, even just as friends because he seems so kind anks. Feb 13, 2008 · A shy guy will most likely not follow rough and ask you out unless he is comfortable. Ask him out, but be kind of gentle about it, e worst ing you can do wi a shy guy . 09, 2007 · well first you should know at life is too short to be shy, and it might be hard for you but you just have to get over all of at and talk to him. just ask him if he wants to go to e movies sometime or just hang out somewhere. if you dont ask him you never know. e worst ing at could happen is at he says no, but honestly if youre feeling some ing he must be feeling some ing. Apr 14, 2007 · i am very outgoing and i like shy guys i ink its a turn on. but outgoing guys are also fun to be around. i ink at a outgoing girl would be better for a shy guy so she can bring out a lot of qualities in e guy at most people wont be able to see because if you don't show people who you really are en how can anyone else get to know you. 23, 2008 · You should get erapy to over come your shyness because is not easy to date a shy guy, is hard for you to say what's in your mind. What do you ink of e answers? You can sign in to give your opinion on e answer. Still have questions? Get answers by asking now. Ask question + 0. Join Yahoo Answers and get 0 points today. Join. 17,  · No it's not too much of an age gap. My Parents have a year age gap. My Dad is years older an my Mum. But I ink a 20 year age gap is too much. It is normal for an 18 year old girl to date a 24 year old guy, you are at a legal age and not required to compulsory live wi your Parents. And you are officially an adult.

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