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Branded CD-R recordable disk compatible wi 2x to 48x writers. Ideal for storage, data exchange, multimedia projects and jukebox or duplicator applications. Offers a maximum write speed o 8x and recording time 80 minutes. Works wi most CD Recorders used wi PC and Macintosh computer systems. Certified for up to 40x recording speeds. Each disc holds up to 700 MB of data or up to 80. 07, 2006 · An Audio CD can hold max. 80 minutes of music. e file size of e source is not important. It's because e source (mp3, m4a, WAV or AIFF) has to be converted to e native format of an audio CD (16 bit PCM) and at allows only 80 minutes on a 700 MB CD. Verbatim CD-R 700MB 80 Minute 52x Recordable Disc - 50 Pack, Silver & DVD+R 4.7GB 16X AZO Recordable Media Disc - 50 Disc Spindle, Silver - 95037 5.0 out of 5 stars 1 $23.464.5/5(11.6K). If a you are making a Data CD, e most at you will be able to upload is 700 MB. Any ing higher an at is too large for a single CD-R. You would ei er need to create multiple projects or change e media to a DVD-R. For audio CDs, e maximum leng for audio is 79 minutes. Maxell CD-R 700 MB 80 Minutes Compact disc recordable. To Record: For use in CD-R computer drives. For Playback: Recorded disc can be played back on CD/DVD-Rom drives and CD/DVD players. Limited Lifetime ranty. nings. is CD-R disc not be . Blazing drive speeds allow for 80 min files to record in less an 2 minutes. 700MB is ideal for storing digital images, music (including mp3s), video and more. (Each CD-R allows you to store up to 225 photos) Reuseable spindle enables long-term, dust-free storage. 17, 2008 · Remember what I said in my original post: only a small portion (I'm guessing 45 MB burned divided by 700 MB available = ~16) of e available space on e CD's is getting used in is instance (and at's about what it looks like if you look at e burned portion of e disk). Each Verbatim CD-R from is pack provides 80 minutes of audio. A disk holds 700 MB and allows you to burn up to 52-x speed. I was able to burn about 20 songs on one CD. is was easy to do from my phone to my computer by creating a file en burning e CD. I really like having CD's to play in my car.4.6/5(29). 21,  · Get it now! Find over 30,000 products at your local Micro Center, including e CD-RW 12x 700 GB/80 Minute Disc 25-Pack Spindle. Erase and rewrite ousands of times on e same CD wi is Philips -pack of CD-RWs. Compatible up to 12x recording speed, each disc can hold up to 700MB of data or 80 minutes of recording time. e CD-RWs in is package come in slim jewel cases to protect your disk. TDK CD Rewritable Media - CD-RW - 12x - 700 MB - 25 Pack Spindle CD Media Product information Package Dimensions 9.8 x 6.14 x 2.05 inches Item Weight 15.7 ounces and my songs are 3-5 min. long. I was able to get 18 songs on one disc, wi more room to spare. Read more. 3 people found is helpful. Helpful. Comment Report abuse. Tattered Fox Reviews: 6. Make Offer - Sony 48x CD-R Media Disc 80 minutes 700 MB - 0 pack New & Sealed. 0 RIDATA 52X Blank CD-R CDR Branded Logo 700MB Media Disc. $13.50 1d 11h +$20.80 shipping. Make Offer - 0 RIDATA 52X Blank CD-R CDR Branded Logo 700MB Media Disc. Verbatim CD-R Recordable Media, Spindle, 700MB/80 Minutes, Pack Of 0. , 2002 · 700MB disk is 80 Minutes at will fit 800MB of MPEG data. Don't believe me, check e FAQ. General consensious is at 800MB using VBR can fit between 30-50 minutes of good/excellent quality 50-60 minutes of ok/good quality or upds of 70 minutes of poor quality video. Many factors affect e size/quality outcome of SVCD. Feb 08,  · 74 minutes is e original Red Book spec (corresponding to 650MB CD-Rs). Commercial CDs have been exceeding at for a long time (in a few exceptional cases slightly over 80min). 700MB CD-Rs can be over-burned beyond 80 min, ough e results not always be playable. Use 1 disc multiple times. Gives you 700 MB/80 minutes of recording capacity. Can be written wi most CD recorders, read or played wi CD-RW-compatible drives and players. Store large audio, video, graphics and text files. Product Details. Item 777512: OfficeMax 21231882: Manufacturer Price: $19.99. e CD-R 700-MB disc is Memorex's first high-capacity recordable CD featuring 700 MB or 80 minutes of capacity. Compatible wi leading softe supplied wi most CD-Recordable drives, is new product gives consumers e benefit of increased capacity wi out making eir current drives or softe obsolete, according to e company. Sony 48x CD-R Media Disc 80 minutes 700 MB 0 pack New & Sealed. $34.99. Free shipping. Maxwell CD-R 48X 700MB 80Min 50 Disc Pack Brand New Sealed - Free Shipping. $19.99. Free shipping. FujiFilm 0 CD-R CDs, 80min, 700mb, 48x Recordable Compact Disc End date: 25, . e Memorex CD-R is a write once, single sided disc. It provides 700 MB of space, which translates to eighty minutes of audio recording time. You can use is disc in 1x - 52x write speed compatible writers. Remember at you can use is disc only on a computer CD writer. Apr 26,  · An 80 minute 700 MB disc will give you 80 minutes of recording time. A 74 minute 650 MB disc will give you 74 minutes of recording time. We recommend using disc leng s of 80 minutes or less wi our compact disc recorders. Player Questions Is e built-in monitor speaker loud enough for my application? e built-in speaker is intended as a way. Verbatim’s Music CD-R discs are designed for use in audio recorders which bear e Compact Disc Digital Audio Recordable logo and can be recorded on by PC-based CD recorders. Once e recorded CD-R is finalized, it can be played back in any CD player. Music CD-R discs provide 80 minutes of audio recording time or 700MB of storage capacity. CD-R discs offer a 700MB/80-minute capacity and support write speeds up to 48X. Each disc comes in a slim jewel case for space-saving storage and easy access and identification of just e disc you need. Maxell CD Recordable Media - CD-R - 40x - 700 MB - Pack Slim Jewel Case4.8/5(4). 7045016269521, Cd-R Recordable Disc, 700m/80 Min, 52x, Spindle. Recordable CD-Rs allow you to print directly on e surface for quick and easy labeling. Staples 13172 700MB/80 Minutes Printable CD-R, Spindle, 50/Pack wi fast and free shipping on select orders.4.3/5(397). Meeting minutes are notes at are recorded during a meeting. ey highlight e key issues at are discussed, motions proposed or voted on, and activities to be undertaken. e minutes of a meeting are usually taken by a designated member of e group. eir task is to provide an accurate record of what transpired during e meeting. Staples 365 700MB CD-R, Spindle, 50/Pack wi fast and free shipping on select orders.4.3/5(581). Stands for Compact Disc. CDs are circular discs at are 4.75 in (12 cm) in diameter. e data on a CD is stored as small notches on e disc and is read by a laser from an optical drive. CDs can hold up to 700 MB of data or 80 minutes of audio. 05,  · For example, say I have two sets of audio files, bo comprised of exactly 72 minutes of audio. However, one set of files is in WAV format hypo etically taking up 1,000 MB of disk space, while e second set of files are in MP3 format hypo etically taking up only 250 MB of disk space. Using e standard Compact Disc Digital Audio (CD-DA) e canonical CD leng is 74 minutes (650MB). However, some discs have extended at time by using closer track spacing or optical material reaching deeper into e disc. 80 minute (700 MB) di. 21, 2004 · e conventional CD-R has got only a maximum capacity of 700 MB / 80 min. So we could write only data cd's having size 700 MB. But we could burn audio or video upto 80 min. Usually a 80 min audio file has a size 750 MB. How is is possible to write such a large file. What mechanism is used or what is difference in writing a data cd and an audio cd. please give ur suggestions. 12, 2005 · Check e box Enable Overburn and make sure e setting reads 90 minutes. Try burning again T T772, 2005 I made a Kanotix live CD on a 700 MB CD-R recently wi out any problems. e ISO file wi apprehension. Fortunately, I completed e task wi out a hitch and I now have a Kanotix Live CD on a 700MB disk! anks guys! Shrek. 20, 2008 · Our question we recently got was doing e ma (i know its 80min but how do companies get at?) to calculate how many minutes of stereo music you can fit on a 700MB blank disc. Given at music sampling occurs at 16bits per sample, 8 bits in a byte, stereo is two 20kHz channels, and 24 bytes in a kilobyte, 24 kilobytes in a megabyte. For example, a 80 minute disc written in CD-ROM Mode 1 format: user data area of 2048 bytes/block x 75 blocks/second = 153,600 bytes/second x 60 seconds = 9,216,000 bytes/minute x 80 minutes = 737,280,000 bytes. is rounds to roughly 700 MB (dividing by 1,024 to convert into KB and again by 1,024 to convert into MB). 16, 2002 · Just to be clear, don't confuse Running Time Minutes wi CD Minutes A 700MB CD holds 80minutes of data. Wi WAV audio, at's 80 minutes of audio running time. Wi MPEG-2, however, it could be darn near any ing. Just because e film's running time is 144 minutes, it doesn't directly follow at e SVCD will be 144 minutes of CD Data. 06,  · When burning a CD, you can ei er burn it as a data disc or an audio CD. A data CD can hold up to 700 MB, while an audio CD can hold 80 minutes of sound. If you have 200 MB of MP3 files at add up to ree hours of music, you can still only burn 80 minutes to e disc. Why is at? 700 MB/80 minutes of data storage capacity for storing media files or official documents 48x speed for quick and efficient operations Each CD-R pack comes wi 50 CDs 1-year limited ranty Wi fifty CDs, e Maxell CD Spindle can be an ideal addition to any personal or professional environment. 22,  · yo, its like u asking someone at can i fill more an one liter of water in a one liter bottle? you can put music up to 80 minutes or wi in 700 Mb. it depends on e size of e file of your music. some music files are big some are small. so it depends. remember when writing files into e CD your file size should be wi in 690MB so e Mb space will be taken to write supporting files. 15, 20  · e 80 minutes of music relates to files burned in wav format. Time and disk capacity are interchangeable. 80 minutes of music = 700 Mb. Depending on song leng approx 18 - 20 tracks in wav format will fit a 700 Mb CD-R. ere are pros and cons as to which format you use. Mp3: Pro: More tracks per disk. Con: Lower quality. For quick data transfer, is 700 MB CD provides a recording speed of 52x, and offers 80 minutes of recording time. It canbe used to burn data once for added security, and comes packed in a spindle packing as a set of 50. You can conveniently print on e surface of . 22, 2007 · An Audio CD can contain an unlimited amount of tracks. e Standard Redbook CD aka. cda file can have 80 minutes on a 700 Mb disc, or e older 650 mb has 74 minutes. Burn up to 80 minutes of music or store photos and o er data on each of ese 25 re-recordable discs packaged in a convenient spindle. Each disc holds up to 700MB of content. Record up to 80 min of audio content. 25-ct cake box spindle. Superb digital picture and sound quality. CA Prop 65 PDF. e Verbatim CD-R 700MB 52X DataLifePlus Silver Inkjet Printable Hub Printable Disc is a high quality write once recordable CD wi a 700MB data storage capacity or 80 minutes of audio recording time. ese inkjet printable discs consist of a silver reflective surface coating for full color, high resolution photo quality reproduction of photos, graphics or o er images. Rewritable disc offers convenience and quality. Premium recording surface ensures noise-free playback. Great choice for cost-effective data management. use for routine backups, au oring/editing multimedia projects, large file storage, and more. Share large files easily wi associates, friends, and family. 700 GB Optical Media Type: CD-R quantity: 0 brand name: Maxell manufacturer: MAXELL CORPORATION OF AMERICA Product Type: Optical Disk Customer Reviews. Maxell TOP. Maxell CD-R Media Spindle, 700MB/80 Minutes, Pack Of 0. Qty Maxell CD-R Media Spindle, 700MB/80 Minutes, Pack Of 0. Qty. Description Product Details Customer Reviews Price: $34.99. Maxell CD-R 80 Minutes 700MB 52x Speed Recordable Blank Disc - Pack Shrink Wrap 4.4 out of 5 stars 193 CDN$ 7.99 CDN$ 7. 99 + CDN$ 2.50 shipping Verbatim CD-R 700MB 80 Minute 52x Recordable Disc - Pack Slim Case 4.5 out of 5 stars 5,384 CDN$ 16.99 CDN$ 16. 99.Reviews: 348. Computer Products CD/DVD Duplicators CD/DVD Duplicator Accessories Microboards 2 876-003 Everest CD Media Kit for Everest Disc, Kit Includes ,000 White CD's, Black Ribbons, Transfer Roll, 700 MB Up to 80 minutes of audio, 120mm Outer Diameter, 15mm Hud Diameter, 24mm to 118mm Printer Settings (2 876003 2 876 003). A 650 MB CD-R can hold 74 minutes of music. A 700 MB CD-R can hold 80 minutes of music. In era CD-R Discs, 700MB/80min, 52x, Spindle, Silver, 50/Pack - Speedy 52x disc burns wi in minutes, saving time. Great for making music CDs, data discs or video CDs. CD-R discs are a s t, economical data storage choice. 52x speed saves time. Make music CDs, data discs, or video CDs. Economical data storage. e 700MB CD-R Disc Pack from Sony offers 30 blank discs you can fill wi music and o er audio files. e dual-layer discs hold double e information of standard CD-Rs, making em a perfect way to free up some storage space on your computer.

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