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e plenary meetings for RAN, CT and SA are co-located over a one week (formerly two week) period in a quarterly cycle. e 3GPP portal holds e up-to-date 3GPP calendar of meetings, from ere you can refine your search fur er. During each 3GPP meeting (TSG or WG) e Chairman of e group must make e following call for IPRs: I draw. page generated from database: - -17 19:40:35. ABOUT RELEASES. Release 18. Release 17. Release 16. Release 15. Release 14. is site is 3GPP working area. Log in to access full features. For general information go to e public site RAN. 3G systems should be based on new wide band, multimode, flexible radio access. is approach will ensure at systems based on 3GPP specifications will be capable of rapid development and deployment of competitive service offerings while still enabling global roaming. Following e change of company of Dr. Steven Chen (Futurewei Technologis (ATIS) - Apple (UK) Limited (ETSI), a formal consensus for Stevens’s continuation as RAN4 Chairman shall be sought as soon as elections would be possible. RAN WG4 works on e RF aspects of UTRAN/E-UTRAN. RAN WG4 performs simulations of diverse RF system scenarios and derives e . Select TSG/WG. All TSGs. 3GPP CT. Plenary 3GPP CT. 3GPP CT 1. 3GPP CT 2 (closed) 3GPP CT 3. 3GPP CT 4. 3GPP CT 5 (closed) 3GPP OP IMPROVE (closed) 3GPP PCG. Plenary 3GPP PCG. 3GPP PCG WP. 3GPP RAN. Plenary 3GPP RAN. 3GPP RAN 1. 3GPP RAN 2. 3GPP RAN 3. 3GPP RAN 4. 3GPP RAN 5. 3GPP RAN 6 (closed) 3GPP RAN AHG-ITU. 3GPP SA. Plenary 3GPP SA. ITRI, R4-150018: Performance Evaluation for High Speed Train Scenario, in 3GPP TSG-RAN WG4 Meeting 74, A ens, Greece, . Japan maglev train breaks world speed record again Apr . New WID on itime Communication Services over 3GPP System (COM) SA WG1: approved: Approval: SA80: 18. SP-180327 DRAFT RAN impacting prioritized items for joint session between TSG SA and TSG RAN: TSG SA Chairman: endorsed: Endorsement: SA80: 5.2: SP-180579 Draft meeting report of TSG CT80: MCC: noted: Information: SA80: 7.8. Views on 5G New RAT in 3GPP CATR, CATT, CMCC, China Telecom, China Unicom, Coolpad, Hi-Silicon, Huawei, OPPO, Potevio, ZTE Alcatel-Lucent, Alcatel Lucent Shanghai Bell noted. 3GPP Meeting Planning H1/2021: TSG SA Chairman: noted: Information: SA89-e: 7.1: SP-200814: LS from TSG RAN ITU AH: Draft Letter to ITU in answer to LS to RIT/SRIT Proponents on e completion and conclusions of steps 5 to 7 of e IMT- process for e first release of new Recommendation ITU-R M.[IMT-.SPECS] TSG SA, TSG RAN. Letter of Support to change of affiliation for Vice-Chairman of 3GPP TSG RAN: Deutsche Telekom AG- ision: RAN45 OMA Device Management Working Group, Cc: TSG RAN,TSG RAN WG3,TSG SA WG5) TSG RAN WG2- ision: RAN45: RP-090861: o er: RF Parameters for OMA Diagnostics and Monitoring (Source: OMA, To: RAN WG 2, Cc: TSG RAN, RAN WG 3, SA5. LS from TSG RAN: Response LS on Completion of Study on Cellular IoT support and evolution for e 5G System, and LS on Signalling optimization for RRC Inactive N3 pa switch Response to LS on V2X specification visibility in 3GPP: TSG RAN: noted: Action: SA83: 7.7: To: 5GAA, TSG SA. Cc: 5GAA WG4, TSG SP-190265: LS in: LS from TSG RAN. Agilent Technologies, Analysis of MIMO OTA performance using 2D and 3D channel models , 3GPP TSG RAN WG4 62bis, Jeju, Korea, 26-30 , . Document R4-121979. In ese meetings it undertakes a number of functions including: final adoption of 3GPP Technical Specification Group work items, ratification of election results. and ratification of e 3GPP resources. e PCG manages e various Specifications Group areas. TSG RAN. e RAN or Radio Access Network specifications groups are known as TSG RAN. 1/4 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting NR R1-1701250 Spokane, USA, 16 - 20 uary Agenda item: – 4 step RA Procedure Source: Cohere Technologies Title: Discussion on RACH procedure and Resources Document for: Discussion and ision 1 Introduction In RAN187 meeting [1], a few agreements on e RACH procedure and on RACH resources were. 3GPP 1 3GPP TSG RA WG1 Meeting 86 R1-167593 Go enburg, Sweden, ust 22-26, Source: Cohere Technologies Title: Performance evaluation of OTFS waveform in single user scenarios Agenda item: Document for: Discussion. Introduction Several candidate waveforms for NR have been presented and discussed at e past two RAN1 meetings. 27,  · e latest plenary meeting of e 3GPP Technical Specifications Groups (TSG72) in Busan, Korea, has agreed on a detailed work plan for Release-15, e first release of 5G specifications. e plan includes a set of intermediate tasks and check-points to guide e ongoing studies in e various Working Groups. is is a sum y of 3GPP TSG RAN89e. Because of e COVID-19 virus, e meeting was held as an electronic meeting. General. RAN Meeting Plan. e latest RAN meeting plan assumes e worst case of electronic meetings roughout 2021 because of COVID-19. e RAN . 3. Date of Next 3GPP RAN2 Meetings: 3GPP RAN2 Meeting 94 23 – 27 Nanjing, China. 3GPP RAN2 Meeting 95 22 – 26 ust Go enburg, Sweden 3GPP TSG RAN Meeting 71 RP-160600. Göteborg, Sweden, . 7 -, . revision of RP-160522. Source: Intel Corporation, Qualcomm Incorporated, China Telecom. Title: New Work Item on. 13,  · 3GPP TSG RAN Meeting 64 RP-14099814 03 Sophia Antipolis, France, - 13 e revision of RP-14099866 Source: NextNav Title: New SID: Study on Indoor Positioning Enhancements for UTRA and LTE Document for: Approval Agenda Item: 14.1.4 3GPP Work Item Description For guidance, see 3GPP Working Procedures, article 39. and 3GPP TR 21.900. 05,  · NTT DOCOMO, Deployment scenarios and evaluation assumptions for LAA using LTE, 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting 78 . Google Scholar. ZTE, Analysis of LAA candidate solutions for coexistence, 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting 78 . Google Scholar. at RAN76 3GPP's Meeting Cycle (Q4 example) Working Group Meetings ember TSG74 SA RAN Co-located Plenary Meetings TSG73 SA Co-located Plenary Meetings (x4 per year) ober T4 bi Individual Working Group Ordinary I Bis I Ad-hoc Meetings ese examples are to demonstrate e principle and are not based an actual meeting dates. 3GPP TSG-RAN WG2 Meeting 98 R2-1704000. Hangzhou, China, 15 19 . Source: RAN2 Chairman (Intel) Object: Proposed Agenda. 3GPP TSG RAN Meeting 65 RP-141 2. Edinburgh, Scotland, 9 - 12 80 80 89 89 89 87 74 74 74 74. 2. RAN 67 Q2/ RAN 68. R1L R1U R2L R2U R2J R3 R4RF en is WG specifies e WG leading e Core part. RAN WG4 is by default leading e Perf. part. 13 Supporting Individual Members. Supporting IM name. ere has been lots of discussion in TSG-RAN Working Group 4 (Radio) about how e harmonic issue present in e inter-band CA combination of bands 4 and 17 should be defined in e official LTE-Advanced specifications. In a document presented by Nokia Corporation during 3GPP TSG-RAN WG 4 meeting 62 4 different specification me ods were outlined. 08,  · TSG Plenary Status for LTE-Advanced Pro 3GPP Study/Work Item Meeting Release Date Enhancements of NB-IoT RAN72 Rel-14 ~ Fur er Enhanced MTC RAN72 Rel-14 ~ WID on Remote UE access via relay UE SA71 Rel-14 ~ Fur er Enhancements to LTE Device to Device, UE to Network Relays for IoT. 14, 20  · [22] 3GPP TR 25.850, release 4 (v4.3.0), UE positioning in UTRAN Iub/Iur protocol aspects, 2001. Autor Mir a Simić diplomirala je 1998. godine na smeru za Telekomunikacije Elektrotehničkog. 3GPP/3GPP2 IP Core Network Convergence (S00-200 820-021) was presented. e TSG-S All IP AdHoc Chair was directed to draft response correspondence to e OHG over e signature of e 3GPP2 SC Chair for review by e closing Plenary. TSG-S Meeting Sum y: 20-23 ust 2001 - Portland, OR 3GPP2-S00-2001 29-002 Page 3. 3GPP TSG RAN Plenary has planned to consider approval of study and work items for features targeting Release 13 from RAN 65 onds (subject to finalization of ongoing Release 12 items). Date of Next RAN Plenary Meetings: RAN Plenary65 9-12, Edinburgh, UK RAN Plenary66 8-11, ember, Maui, US References. 24, 20  ·. Proposal for Candidate Radio Interface Technologies for IMT-Advanced Based on LTE Release and Beyond (LTE-Advanced) Takehiro Nakamura 3GPP TSG-RAN Chairman 3GPP IMT-Advanced Evaluation Workshop Beijing, China, 17-18 ember, 2009 2. 3GPP TSG RAN will keep IEEE 802 LMSC updated of e fur er development on Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA). Date of Next RAN Plenary Meeting: RAN Plenary66 8-11, ember, Maui, US Document RP-141664 RAN1 SI on License Assisted Accss v11.doc: 3GPP TSG RAN Meeting 65 RP-141664. Edinburgh, Scotland, 9 - 12 . revision of RP-141646. Proposed starting point: 3GPP SA6 Next Meeting in Vilnius in ober E-Mail list: 3GPP_TSG_SA_WG6 R&S can advise, but not drive a 3GPP feature addition in SA groups We can support later in RAN WG 4 and WG 5 09/ / 3GPP Standards Extension or O er Alternatives for Crowd-Sourced Jammer Detection. 01, 20  · e 3GPP Proponent [1] has provided all required information wi in each of required major components ei er directly or by endorsement of is contribution made by 3GPP individual members on behalf of 3GPP: Following slides show overview of is submission toge er wi relevant information [1] e 3GPP Proponent of e 3GPP submission. NACK Bundling, RI-082615 (revised from RI-8260 1), 3GPP TSG RAN WG 1 Meeting 53bis, zaw, Poland, . 30-Jui. 4, 2008, 7 pages. 3m Generation Partnership Project, Technical Specification Group Radio Access Network. Evolved Universal Terrestrial Radio Access (E-UTRA). Multiplexing and Channel Coding (Release 8), 3GPP. 3GPP TSG-RAN WG4 (Radio) Meeting 60 R4-113985 A ens, Greece, 22 – 26 ust Agenda Item: 9.7.3 Source: Alcatel-Lucent Title: BS to BS coexistence between Band 12/17 and additional new 716-728 downlink Document for: Discussion. Introduction. • 5G RAN Architecture: 5G RAN Deployment Options: Option 3, Option 3x, Option 3a, Option 2, Option 7 and Option 4. is simplifies e initial rollout of 5G networks since- e entire core network does not need to be replaced. Create e imagination of wild nature wi sophisticated design. 44Eo, Street 67, Phsar mey 2, Daun Penh, Phnom. A me od for communication includes, in a transmitter having a first number of transmit antenna ports, setting an upper limit on a second number of spatial layers to be used by e transmitter to be l. 04,  · TSG Plenary Status TSG Topic SA RAN 3GPP Project Name Study Item Work Item Study Item Work Item Indoor Positioning Enhancement / ELIOT 67 64 Licensed-Assisted Access using LTE 65 68 Single-Cell Point To Multipoint (SC-PTM) transmission 66 68 LTE support for V2X service / LTE-based V2X Services 67 69 68 Extended Proximity-based Services. Ericsson, ST-Ericsson, On aPeriodic Reporting of CSI Processes, R1-124541, 3GPP TSG-RAN WG1 70bis, Agenda Item 7.4.5, ober 8-12, Huawei, Hisilicon, Details of aperiodic CSI Feedback for CoMP, R1-124069, 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting 70bis, Agenda Item 7.4.1, ober 8-12, LG Electronics, CSI Measurement and Report for TDD eIMTA. Tdoc-Rl-07400 I-IDLE mode mobility control principles, 3GPP TSG RANWG2 59bis 8-12, 2007, yd Generation Partnership Project, Shanghai, China. TSGRl6(99)808 -Cell Selection and Cell Reselection Criteria, TSG-RAN Working Group 2 (Radio layer 2 and Radio layer 3) 16-20, 1999, 3rd Generation Partnership Project, Sophia Antipolic. Physical Channels and Modulation (Release 8) 3GPP TS 36.211. [ 6 ] Alcatel Shanghai Bell, Alcatel-Lucent (2008) STBC-II Scheme for Uplink Transmit Diversity in LTE-Advanced R1-082500, 3GPP TSG RAN WG 1 Meeting 53 Bis. Download Citation. On 23, 20, Abbas Mohammed and o ers published Overview of Wireless Channel Models for UMTS and LTE. Find, read and cite all e research you need on ResearchGate. 28,  · Clearwire, E-UTRA capability handling for dual mode UEs (FDD/TDD), 3GPP TSG-RAN Meeting 54, Berlin Germany, ember 6-9, RP 111618 Clearwire, â Capability handling for dual mode UEs (FDD/TDD), 3GPP TSG-RAN Working Group Meeting 75bis, Ahuhai, China, ober -14, R2-115468 wi a publicly available date of 7 ober . Feb 05,  · Huawei, et al., Triggering and transmission of aperiodic CSI reports , R1- 5838, 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting 63, Jacksonville, USA, . 15-19, 20, see section 2. ZTE, Aperiodic CSI Triggering for Carrier Aggregation in LTE-Advanced , R1- 5977, 3GPP TSG RAN WG1 Meeting63, USA, . 15-19, 20, see section 2. 29, 2009 · 3GPP TSG-RAN Working Group 1 Meeting 4, Calculation of toffset for Physical Synchronization Channel in TDD Mode , Shin Yokohama, Apr. 18-20, 1999. TSG-RAN Working Group 1 Meeting 5, BPSK Modulated Secondary Synchronization Codes Based Cell Search in UTRA TDD , Cheju, Sou Korea, . 1-4, 1999. StatusList -12 74 74 74 -09 StatusList -09 73 73 73 3GPP Website: Search for Search and download specs, docs, CRs and more from e 3GPP FTP Server: 3GPP News 3GPP tweets year-mon re k to see list of specs awaiting upload latest status specs directory TSG CN TSG RAN* TSG T TSG SA TSG GERAN TSG CT e. for Extended TFCI wi Almost no Complexity Increase, TSG-RAN Working Group 1 Meeting 5, . 13-16, 1999. Expert Report of Dr. Stephen B. Wicker regarding Invalidity of US. Patents Nos.... 6,882,636 (150 pp). Respondent’s Prehearing Statement (96 pp). Respondent’s Submissions in Response to Order No. 56, Item 2, Paragraphs 16-26 (5 pp).

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